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 Doreetha Wheatley is a Chicago Author and Fashion designer that uses her spirituality, transparency and creativeness to bring out the best in others. Since the age of ten when she was forced to write a poem for a school project, she's known that this was her God given gift. Even then, she wrote about observing society. Decades later, The 12 Steps to Recovery from Infidelity has reached the hands and hearts of many around the globe. Her most recent Anthology project reveals the stories of entrepreneur women who crushed mediocrity  and are Disrupting The Status Quo.


Author : Doreetha Wheatley

The 12 Steps to Recovery from Infidelity 

…I laid on my bed in realization that two thirds of the day had gone, and I had done nothing productive. My body wouldn’t let me. My mind was everywhere attempting to embrace the fear I adapted over 20 years ago. What will I do now? My spirit was broken as I laid in a pit of deep hurt and frustration brought on by my inability to obey and my ability to love. How could he do this again?

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Author : Doreetha Wheatley (Co-Author)

Disrupting the Status Quo

From the founder of Matthew House, a nonprofit providing daytime services to the homeless, comes a powerful book compelling you to disrupt the status quo so you can maximize your potential. Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson knows what it feels like to be stuck, looked down on, pushed to the side; 

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